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My task.
Is to find the good.
That is there.
Not to be with
what is not there;
and with what one thinks
should be there.

Immersing myself fully,
even after 30 years of
professional experience.
Building up a deep, honest
connection with the people
in the footage;
that’s what it’s about for me.

Otherwise I miss out on what’s important.
The good.

Many people have already
given thought to the work
before I step on board;
my task consists in appreciating
these ideas and expanding on them.

I am not a film editor,
who simply sits in the cutting room;
I like a game that’s colourful.

I know, I love
every aspect of production.

I enjoy being on the set.
In the recording studio.
Sitting next to the colourists
as well as the VFX Flame and
motion graphic artists

Because that is where
people come together
who speak the same language.
Communicating directly with each other;
no Chinese whispers involved.

The sound
is the subtlest part of the image
for me.
It’s taken for granted;
is often underestimated.
We see when it’s not right.
We feel it.
That is why it’s so important to me.
The sound.